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This coffee-table book is the milestone work and incredible adventure by landscape photographer Mericia Achaval. Enjoy this amazing journey of stunning original photography that captures the aesthetics and spiritual essence of nature, from the majestic sunshine of the desert to the mysterious breezes of the sea.


Mericia shares her favorite passages from the Bible and touches on more than fifty important topics including love, faith, hope, charity, courage, parenting, success, marriage, and many more. Each topic is infused with her amazing photographs, which capture the beauty and wonder of God’s creation with the endless knowledge and wisdom of his teachings. They illustrate a compass for direction to a greater purpose in our daily lives


Now, more than ever, we need to surround ourselves, and especially our kids, with meaningful art and foundational principles that inspire and motivate us in a positive way. Little reminders to stay spiritually grounded, to love God, and to serve others; the secret to a happier and prosperous life. You will find all this and much more in this book, a masterpiece that makes the perfect gift to yourself and your loved ones.


This book will teach you how to create a much deeper connection with God, and it will be a beautiful experience to relax and travel throughout 13 beautiful locations, like Cabo, Maui, Antelope Canyon, Aruba, Las Vegas, and many more.


In this book you will find new enlightenment and a beautiful message of love, faith, and hope.


It is important to know that when you have it at home, you will be sharing the testimony of Jesus Christ with all your guests and family.


Product info: 284 Pages of Beautiful Bible Scriptures With Amazing Landscape Photography

God Reflections Photography Book

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