Although my photography is modern, at the same time I see my work as humble and profound; My name is Mericia Achaval and I am a landscape photographer, entirely self-taught. I love to create beautiful photography in a very simple and natural way, my equipment is uncomplicated, as I only use my 7D Cannon, natural lighting, and quite often without the use of my tripod, as my impulsiveness takes the best of me being so thrilled in the heat of the moment of taking pictures. It’s truly a natural gift from God, of which I am very grateful for. When I contemplate my work, I can really feel a sense of God’s touch in it. That factor is what brings serenity and comfort to my soul, making every effort worthy in each journey. 

I was born and raised in Mexico and from a very young age I discovered my love for the arts, such as painting and drawing, but I really never identified completely with any of these forms of art, until 1997 when I discovered the art of landscape photography, and it was love at first sight. I had finally found my way where I can truly identify myself as an artist and photography became my passion. 

As a little girl, I use to lose myself in time. admiring the beauty of nature; the way the clouds and sun embellish the sky, the moon and stars in the night sky, the roses in my mother’s garden, the birds, all that was amazing to me, and I knew that something much greater than pure accident was the author of all these perfectly balanced beauty in our planet and in the universe. 

 I knew that authors name was God. He showed His power and surpassing love for humanity within these stunning creations. Only His perfect mathematical mind could put together all the wonders in the universe to create life; I knew this was God all along, and the only thing I needed to do to see Him, was to go outside and look around. Not too much has change sense back then, as I am still doing the same thing today, the only difference now is that when I go outdoors to cherish the landscapes, I have a camera in hand, ready to snap a shot while marveling at the presence of God in Mother Nature, praising the treasures we have in His miraculous handy-work. 

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