following a calling;

and finally ready

to share with you.

The world


My Lens 

An amazing book where, Mericia showcases  the work of  the last 15 years of her career as a landscape photographer.

A milestone that took her four years to complete, and and it was all worthed; 

Now finally released to share with you and your family .

 272 pages of stunning photography, pair with the wisdom of Bible Scriptures, to inspired the heart  and  the soul.

Seat back and relax, traveling through the beautiful landscapes, while meditate on the Bible Scriptures.

This masterpiece is an art book, but is also a great Bible study tool.

Create memorable moments sharing this book,  with family and friends, and especially your children.

Now more than ever we need to prepare for the times we are living , and the days ahead. 

the message 

Faith, Love, Hope, Prophecy, Unity, And Joy